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Name Bitter Harvest 2017 Free Download Currently Movies
Quality High Quality/720/1080
Genres Drama, Romance, War
Release Date 23 February 2017 (Ukraine)
Director George Mendeluk
Writer Richard Bachynsky Hoover
Stars Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Terence Stamp



Information: Bitter Harvest 2017 Free Download Currently Movies

Bitter harvest is a 2017 romantic-movement drama film set in soviet ukraine in the early 1930s in the course of the holodomor famine that killed tens of millions of ukrainians below stalin’s compelled collectivization of all farms and groups owned through ukrainians.


The film turned into directed by george mendeluk and written via richard bachynsky hoover, primarily based on bachynsky hoover’s unique tale. Mendeluk collaborated on a shooting draft with bachynsky hoover. The film stars max irons, samantha barks, barry pepper, tamer hassan and terence stamp. The film is produced with the aid of ian ihnatowycz, stuart baird, mendeluk, chad barager. Dennis davidson, peter d. Graves and william j. Immerman served as government producers along side bachynsky hoover.




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